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Existing Homes:
In the KC market existing home sales are down 
approx. 30% since 2006. Yes there are bargains!
We'll look for distressed sellers-moving out of state, 
going through a divorce, under contract with a builder.
Foreclosed Homes:
HUD, Bank Owned, Short Sales
Time to be careful! They normally take a long time to buy and require thousands of dollars in repair.
Home Builders:
In the KC market home builder sales are down 
approx. 50% since 2006. These may be the best bargains. Often times you can buy new for the same 
price as any 10 or 15 year old home.
Home Buying Process

Step 1. Search
You tell me where you're searching and what price range. I'll email you all the homes for sale in that area and price range plus tell you which home builders are available too. I have 22 years of searching experience! 

Step 2. Offer
We make an offer and approx. 3 counter offers to get the house bought. I've sold approx. 2000 homes since 1994. Using experience, I'll negotiate the lowest price possible.  If buying from a builder will negotiate from a price quotation sheet.  

Step 3. Inspection or Building Process
You'll spend $300 to $500 to have the house inspected. I'll help you understand the report and ask for the right items to be repaired in the buyer inspection response. If building the normal time is 4 to 6 months. 

Step 4. The Closing
I'll coordinate with your mortgage company, the seller's agent/home builder and the title company to make sure your closing is accurate, on time and problem free. 
James Cox
  • 22 years
  • 1804 sales, $285 million. 
  • Former Sales VP for a national home builder
Buy a Home/Home Buying Process